Прогноз на бой Джек Херманссон - Джаред Каннонье UFC FN 160

Jack Hermansson will face off against Jared Cannonier at UFC Fight Night 160. The tournament will take place on September 28 in Denmark, the city of Copenhagen.Jack is in excellent shape, now he is the 5th number in the ranking of middleweight fighters. Cannonier is only 9th and it would be fantastic for him to beat Jack and take his high position.However, it will be incredibly difficult to do.

Prediction for the fight of Jack Hermansson against Jared Cannonier, about the fighters

Jack Hermansson is a fighter from Sweden, he is now 31 years old. Spent 24 fights in professionals, a record of 20-4-0.He has been with the UFC since 2016, managed to conduct 9 fights in 3 years.Gained 7 wins and lost only twice.Now he is on a winning streak of 4 fights, in his last fight he defeated veteran Ronaldo Souza by unanimous decision.

Jared Cannonier is an American fighter, he is now 35 years old.Has behind him 16 fights, a record of 12-4-0.In the UFC since 2015, managed to spend 9 fights during this time.5 times won and 4 times lost.Now he is in the winning streak of 2 fights, in the last fight he defeated veteran Anderson Silva by technical knockout.

Prediction for the fight of Jack Hermansson vs Jared Cannonier, analytical part

The fighters arms span is exactly the same, but Jack has a serious legs span advantage.

Hermansson has a wrestling base, but continuous development has made him a universal and versatile fighter.Jack had an excellent fight against experienced Souza, and came to him on a short notice.You can’t call Cannonier the top, he fights with almost equal rates of victories and defeats.Prefers to work in a stand and bang manner,in his last fight he beat 43-year-old Anderson Silva by technical knockout.

In many aspects, including the stance, the Joker feels superior.With ease Jack can, if necessary, transfer the fight to the ground, he knows how to effectively conduct takedowns.In addition, Cannonier is weak in the wrestling, has a low percentage of protection against takedowns of 44%.Hermansson beats very accurately, his timing is really good, plus his movement well and for this reason misses a little.

In general, the American has little chance of winning here, reliable for one exact hit. Jack is unlikely to miss a hard hit, as he is a fighter moving and reading all the opponent’s steps really well. Maybe the Swede doesn’t take risks at all, but instantly will transfer the battle to the ground, where Jared is in big trouble.

Odds for the fight Jack Hermansson vs Jared Cannonier from BC Pari-Match

Hermansson — 1.44

Cannonier — 3.05

Best bet on the fight of Hermansson VS Cannonier: victory of Hermansson

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