Prediction for the fight Max Holloway - Frankie Edgar

July 28 will be a fight, which has long been waiting for fans of MMA. The bout will take place at UFC 240 between Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar. Hawaiian cleared the entire division and the only old top that the Blessed One has not yet met is Edgar. In this battle there will be intrigue, therefore we will try to shed light on the chances of the fighters having made a prediction for the Holloway-Edgar bout.

Prediction for the fight Max Holloway — Frankie Edgar, about fighters

Max Holloway is a fighter from the Hawaiian Islands, which is a US state. His current record is 20-4.Recently his series without defeat consisted of 13 fights in a row.Max decided to take a chance and fight with a contender for the title in lightweight, there were 2 aspects to the motivation for this fight: his rival Dustin Porier had already defeated him, the second one could bring him to the title in lightweight.Now it became popular to combine belts and Max decided to be in the trend. But this diamond was again too tough for Max. The series is interrupted, and it returns to featherweight.The winning streak is interrupted and he returns to featherweight.

Frankie Edgar, whose nickname is “The Answer,” is currently 37 years old, his career is moving towards completion. This title chance is probably the last one for him. In the past, Frankie was already a UFC champion, only in the light weight category.Of the last 5 fights, Edgar lost 2. The defeat from Brian Ortega turned out to be especially painful. This was the first early loss of Frankie in his professional career. In his last bout, the Answer defeated Kab Swanson, completely beating him in striking technique.

Prediction for the bout Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar. Analytics

The very first thing that catches your eye is Max’s advantage in anthropometry. It is 13 cm taller. The arm span is 3 cm more, and the leg span is 12 cm more.Frankie will not just get to the opponent, due to the fact that Holloway skillfully uses the distance in their battles. According to the main characteristics, everything is clear, Max will have an advantage in the stand, while Frankie will have an advantage in the wrestling. It is necessary to consider how these advantages fighters can realize.

Recall the battle between Edgar and Ortega, where the Answer did not particularly strive to wrestle. Since Brian is not bad at grappling and the most important thing that pushed him away from rash takedowns is Ortega’s ability to close the guillotine in time.So, Max has the same skill as Brian, he performs the guillotine well.Plus, Holloway has 83% protection against takedowns, it practically does not allow passing rivals to the legs. Pretty vague prospects for Edgar to transfer the fight to the ground.

It will be easier for Max to take advantage of the rack. The first plus is the distance with which he shoots his rivals with feeling, with sense and accuracy. The second plus is a lot of serial combinations, of which Max has a substantial amount. In the last fight of Edgar with Swanson, as soon as Kab was able to conduct a series of three strokes, Frankie was a bit lost. Plus in the stand Edgar loves to press and does not like when he is pressed. And that is exactly what Max loves and knows how to do.

Determining the best bet for the fight Max Holloway — Frankie Edgar

The last thing you need to pay attention to here is cardio. Max since 2015 spent at least 3 rounds, and the last 2 fights ended with 4 and 5 rounds, respectively.He feels great in five round battles. Frankie was also famous for his cardio, but the years make themselves felt and in the last fights he got a little tired by the end of the fight. Plus, Max is able to accumulate damage well, which adversely affects the opponent’s cardio.

Holloway’s victory looks the most likely option, and therefore comes with a 1.28 odds. It’s wrong to bet on such a small coefficient. The second most likely outcome we believe Max Holloway will win is KO / TKO / DQ. Yes for 1.70.

Odds for Max Holloway vs. Frankie Edgar bout from betting shop Pari-Match

Max Holloway Win — 1.28

Frankie Edgar Win — 4.15

Max Holloway will win KO / TKO / DQ. Yes — 1.70

Frankie Edgar will win by decision. Yes — 9.50

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Best bet on Holloway bout VS Edgar: Max Holloway will win KO / TKO / DQ. Yes for 1.70

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